Water Features Outdoor

Water features provides peaceful, relaxing, holistic properties, soft and happy environment.
Water features

Landscaping with water features presents a wealth of design opportunities. A tranquil pond, a cascading waterfall, a meandering stream, or a bubbling fountain – each of these possibilities offers aesthetic and environment rewards. The concept of the garden as a peaceful, private sanctuary has inspired new interest in water gardens, although the pleasing accents have been incorporated into home landscape for centuries.

Our design approach is to incorporate the relaxing properties of water into a new or existing landscape so that it becomes a seamless component of the landscape surround, complementing the desired lifestyle, the Water Garden Lifestyle. Over a decade of utilizing high quality components and natural materials, such as indigenous boulders, driftwood and aquatic planting to re-create natural water.

A water garden provides a way to transform your property into an environmentally friendly landscape full of color and biodiversity, imitating a natural setting.

Types of Water Features:

+ Ecosystem Ponds & Waterfalls

Low maintenance, no chemicals, mechanical filtration, biological filtration, proper circulation, plants, fish, rocks and bacteria.

+ Pondless Waterfalls

This water feature provides all the same benefits that a waterfall cascading into a pond offers with a lower maintenance option. There are no open bodies of water as the reservoir is underground so it is an inherently suitable water feature for young children to interact with.

+ Decorative Water Features

These water features capture the majesty of flowing water and richly hued natural stone in a strikingly styled selection of garden – themed water features. Ornate water features serve as a focal point and in landscape design. Decorative water features are almost always the most affordable option.

+ Large Scale Water Features

We have the experience and the equipment necessary to implement large scale water features, such as massive waterfalls built from natural stone boulders into large ponds. This type of project requires skilled machine operators and an extensive knowledge of water feature implementation. Large scale water features are best situated for estate properties and commercial applications.

+ Pool Waterfalls

Incorporate a beautiful natural stone waterfall into a new or existing pool? We’ve done several unique projects that have turned the average swimming pool into a thing of natural beauty. With experience in both pool and waterfall construction, you can feel confident knowing that your investment in leisure will be a sound investment!