Swimming pool pictures

At Oasis Dreams, with several models and thousands of varieties to choose from, you will find the swimming pool of your dreams (round pool, rectangular pool, oval pool, bean-shaped pool, small pool, almond-shaped pool etc.).

Swimming pool Olivia

The oval Olivia pool works well with any kind of terrain. The rounded ends and its oval shape make it easy to move round the pool and maximise the available space.

Swimming pool Lola

This well-equipped, functional Lola pool can fit in anywhere. This small in-ground pool fits neatly into small areas, providing just as much fun as larger ones.

Swimming pool Amandine

The Amandine pool has a gently curving almond shape, giving your garden a touch of offbeat elegance. This classic traditional pool will blend into in any garden.

Swimming pool Luna

The Luna model blends into any types of environment. These are ideal for small locations and to leave plenty of room to wind down in a snug poolside atmosphere.

Swimming pool Madeleine

The Madeleine pool is an illustration of the perfect balance between free and traditional shapes.

Swimming pool Eva

The designer pool Eva is rounded, conferring harmony and elegance on your garden.

Swimming pool Valerie

The Valérie model has a very elegant shape. This model gives you the satisfaction of having a private pool at home.

Swimming pool Emma

The Emma pool will bring an original touch to your garden and give it character !

Swimming pool Celine

Good to know: from an assembly point of view, the Céline pool with bean shape is one of the easiest pools to setup.

Swimming pool Clea

The Clea model adds personality and character to your space.

Swimming pool Barbara

The rectangular Barbara model can blend into your garden beautifully. The rounded corners of this rectangular pool make it easy to get... round! Another of this pool's assets is that maintenance is easier than for pools with right-angled corners..

Swimming pool Carole

The in-ground Carole pool boasts distinctive flair and elegance. Its slender, free shape runs true to in-ground tradition, meaning you can swim comfortably and invite many guests to enjoy Waterair Swimming Pools know-how.

Swimming pool Rosalie

The round Rosalie pool is the easiest pool to set up. This rounded pool is discreet and original, ideal for fun with friends. The truly stylish round pool looks great in all settings. Suited for intimate use rather than strong swimmers, round pools are ideal for well-being and relaxing with friends and family.

Swimming pool Claire

The lines of contemporary Claire pool blend in beautifully with all architecture styles. You can set this contemporary pool in a small garden or vast grounds.