About Us

Oasis dreams-being an industry leader in swimming pools, we provide professional design and installation of reinforced concrete pools, commercial freeform and infinity pools, waterair pre-fabricated pools based in france, spas, water features and fountains.

We are at the forefront of swimming pool design. We enjoy what we do and constantly strive for excellence and warranty our work from the ground up.

Having constructed several pools and water features across our client portfolio all over the UAE and India, we now manage and maintain all of these pools, which include both maintenance and life-guarding of all essential but potentially hazardous features to allow the client to feel confident of our services.

We assign designated cleaning personnel t keep these areas clean at all time, and we inspect these areas regularly. Cleaning personnel routinely wipe down equipment inplay areas and ensure that the area and grounds remain free of debris and discarded items. They typically remove the contents of trash receptacles and clean dust bins daily.

We Also Undertake The Engineering Design And Construction Of Decorative Water Features Such As Cascades, Streams, Lakes And Fountains That Will Serve To Accentuate The Beauty Of Your Landscape.

We take pride in announcing that we have been awarded the multi-million dirham contract for the construction of all pools and water features at Abu Dhabi’s Nurai Island. The project involves construction and finishing works of swimming pools, water features in 30 VIP residential villas, 12 water villas, 40 hotel villas and resort pools.

Our Mission/Vision

To foray in to new businesses within our product lines, such as: Building Contracting, Waste Water/Sewage Treatment, Trading and Equipments,etc.